About Therapy

How much does it cost? 

That depends on your insurance and the specific plan that you have. I currently accept Anthem, Cigna, and most recently United Healthcare. The easiest way to find out how much it costs is to call the number for behavioral health on the back of your insurance card and ask what to expect cost wise for outpatient therapy.

I don’t see my insurance listed as an insurance you are credentialed with. can we still work together? 

Yes! I offer private pay rates for people who either do not want to use their insurance or for people who are out of network. I offer a free 10 minute phone or video consultation. After that the initial visit is 160$ and every visit after is 130$.

How can I tell the difference between “baby blues” and a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder?

The baby blues happen during the first two weeks after giving birth. You may feel emotional or tearful at times, feel hormonal, and symptoms may have moments of mild to moderate intensity. This is the typical presentation of the baby blues.

If you find that after two weeks you are still struggling with feelings of sadness, irritability, worry, and that they are impacting your ability to enjoy motherhood then these could be indicators that something more is going on – be it postpartum depression or anxiety, which are the two most commonly experienced Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders. 

Do I really need a therapist who has specific training in perinatal mood disorders?

YES! Therapists that have received specific training in this area through Postpartum Support International are informed and aware of the unique needs during pregnancy and postpartum. Think of it like going to your PCP to deliver your baby – your PCP may be able to wing it but you definitely want someone with specialized training caring for you and your baby during this time. Your mental health is no different! 

Do you prescribe medication?

No. Therapists and counselors do not prescribe medication. Sometimes medication is needed to help support progress during treatment and sometimes it is not. It is always an open discussion with my clients and ultimately the choice remains up to you. I have medical providers that I trust and refer to frequently and am happy to collaborate with them, or any other provider, with your consent. 

What should I expect from therapy?

Sessions are typically 50-60 minutes long. I typically have coffee, water, snacks, and candy in my office. We will spend time talking about your week, any concerns you may have, symptoms that have come up, any goals we have set, and sometimes the therapy process itself. It is a collaborative process in which we both work to make treatment successful for you. I promise I won’t have you lie down and tell me about your childhood.

I don’t have childcare, can I bring my children? 

Children are absolutely welcome to come. Babies and young children are typically the easiest to have come along to sessions and I have toys to entertain them. Older children are welcome to join sessions as well or remain in our large and comfortable waiting room.

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